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Testing Services

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive pre-employment testing services tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. Our experienced staff utilizes advanced technologies and techniques to screen potential employees for drugs, TB and alcohol helping you make informed hiring decisions.


Rapid Saliva
Alcohol Testing

The Q.E.D. Saliva Alcohol Test is the “on-the-spot leader” in the rapid, accurate and quantitative determination of alcohol in saliva. With a high correlation to blood-alcohol levels, Q.E.D. has a testing range of 0-145 mg/dL and provides quantitative results in minutes.


TB - Testing

Blood testing requires only one visit to the lab, while skin testing requires multiple visits to a doctor's office.  Blood testing for Tuberculosis is typically more accurate than a skin test.  Skin testing has a higher likelihood of false positive results, especially if a person has been previously vaccinated for TB. 


Rapid Drug Test
5 Panel

Our iCup One Step Drug Test Cup- 5 Panel is a FDA Cleared and CLIA Waived one step fully integrated iCup (including adulteration testing) for detection of 14 drugs  in urine.

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