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Early Baby Gender Reveal DNA Test

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Gender Prediction Tests:
The Latest Science

A 2012 study published in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology concluded that at least 69% of parents want to know: 77.8% out of curiosity, 68% just want to know, and 66.8% because today’s technology makes it possible. And why not do an early gender test and find out as soon as possible? After all, there are many advantages:

  • Getting the nursery ready ahead of time and having the freedom of choosing a color besides yellow or green

  • Enjoying the fun of planning and then throwing a gender reveal party

  • Being able to start a list of possible baby names right away

  • Relieving that nagging stress of wondering if it’s a boy or a girl

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Why Peekaboo?

• Peekaboo provides an answer sooner than any other baby gender test: at just 7 weeks’


• 99.5% accurate rate is the highest in the industry

• We are pleased to offer this high-quality DNA

test at the most affordable price on the market

• Results in 2 business days (many complete sooner)

  • Early Baby Gender Reveal DNA Test

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    30 min

    175 US dollars
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