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Understand and Manage
Your Health On Your Terms!

You can monitor your wellness and be proactive in the prevention and early detection of disease or adverse conditions. Our lab tests are for your information and NOT intended to be a substitute for examination or consultation with a physician or other appropriate healthcare provider. We can assist you in revealing aspects of your health through lab tests that provide insightful information and provide you unique visualizations of your test results. In addition to over 1,000 lab tests, we offer a variety of wellness panels that provide you the ability to establish a baseline of information that you need to know about yourself. We enable you the ability to test and monitor your numbers over time, so that you can proactively manage your health and wellbeing.

Here’s how to make the blood draw easier!

  • Get a good night’s sleep and drink plenty of water. Being well-rested and increasing your blood volume by drinking water can help make it easier for the phlebotomist to access your vein.

  • Wear short sleeves. That way, you don’t have to undress or awkwardly pull your arm from your sleeve to expose your vein.

  • Take your prescribed medications beforehand unless a health care professional advises you otherwise.

  • If your lab doesn’t require an appointment, you might want to ask when it’s least busy, so you don’t have to wait for long. Many labs are busy early in the morning, after people fast overnight.

Blood Test

Most Popular Tests

STD - Basic

General Health
Basic Lab Panel

TB Gold Plus (TB Test)

Kidney Health
Basic Plus

Heart Health
Basic Plus

Iron, Total

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