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TB Blood Test

  • 30 minutes
  • 200 US dollars
  • Main Office

Service Description

QuantiFERON®-TB Gold Plus (TB Test) Most Popular The QuantiFERON®-TB Gold Plus (TB Test) test contains 1 test with 5 biomarkers. Brief Description: The Quantiferon TB Gold Plus test is a blood test used to detect tuberculosis (TB) infection. It is based on the principle of measuring the immune response to Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacteria that causes TB. This test is considered an alternative to the traditional tuberculin skin test (TST). Also Known As: TB Test, Tuberculosis Test, IGRA Test, Interferon-Gamma Release Assay Test. Specimen Type: Serum Test Preparation: No preparation required When and Why a Quantiferon TB Gold Plus Test may be Ordered A Quantiferon TB Gold Plus test may be ordered in the following situations: Screening for Latent TB Infection: It is commonly used to screen individuals who may have been exposed to TB or are at higher risk of infection, such as close contacts of TB cases, health care workers, and immigrants from TB-endemic regions. Diagnosis of Active TB: The test may be ordered to support the diagnosis of active TB in individuals with symptoms suggestive of TB, such as persistent cough, fever, weight loss, and night sweats. What a Quantiferon TB Gold Plus Test checks for: Tuberculosis is a communicable disease caused by infection with M. tuberculosis complex. Infection results in either acute disease or Latent TB Infection (LTBI), a non-communicable asymptomatic condition. The main purpose of diagnosing the latent stage is to consider medical treatment for preventing overt disease. Until recently, the tuberculin skin test was the only available method for diagnosing LTBI. QuantiFERON®-TB gold eliminates false positive skin test due to BCG vaccination and most Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria (NTM) and is an objective, reproducible qualitative test. There are no side effects or adverse reactions due to patient hypersensitivity, and no "booster effect", whereby the first test induces a false positive response on re-testing. There is no need for follow-up patient visits to obtain test results. The TB blood test has several advantages over a skin test. Blood testing requires only one visit to the lab while skin testing requires multiple visits to a doctor's office. Blood testing for Tuberculosis is typically more accurate than a skin test. Skin testing has a higher likelihood of false positive results, especially if a person has been previously vaccinated for TB.

Cancellation Policy

KEEP IN MIND THAT THE IN PERSON TRAINING IS FOR MOCKS/SKILLS TRAINING ONLY! You MUST complete and study your online and student materials. If it becomes apparent that you are not familiar with the terms used during the mock, collection processes or materials, YOU MUST RESCHEDULE FOR A FEE! BRING A FRIEND TO DO MOCKS ON! *SOMEONE WHO IS NOT BEING TRAINED AS WELL* REFUNDS/CANCELLATIONS Refunds are only issued if we cancel for any reason and you do not want to reschedule for date and time of your convenience. If payment is NOT received by the invoice due date, the appointment will be cancelled. Patients more than 10 minutes late, will have to reschedule with a $25 rescheduling fee.

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